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Official Website Update Announcement

In order to provide you with more high-quality and efficient services, after six months of planning, design, development and testing, the Panphy new version officially upgraded, and will be officially launched and put into operation on April 14 , 2020.

The specific functions are updated as follows:

I.    Overall Layout and Architecture

The new version of the official website uses a new vision, concise, beautiful, more convenient for users to quickly browse. The overall framework is divided into seven modules: HOME, ALL PRODUCTS, NEW PRODUCTS, CUSTOM SERVICES, NEWS, DOWNLOAD, CONTACT US. The contents of Panphy's product introduction, advantages, enterprise information, product information, news and industry information are systematically divided and presented.

II.   Function and Location

In this upgrade, we pay more attention to the practicability of the website, support online inquiry of product information, related product recommendation, certificate download, product search and other functions. It can also search products according to product code, name, CAS, MF, MW, etc. At the same time, according to the products you search, the website will recommend other related products to you, so as to maximize the user's search and browsing needs.

This comprehensive upgrade of the official website aims to create a more convenient, beautiful and comprehensive window for you to understand Panphy chemicals. Thank you for your support and recognition over the years.